Who's Who

Staffing for September 2023

Headteacher- Mrs Raley-Williams

Assistant Headteachers - Mr Hughes and Mrs O'Neill

Business Manager  - Miss Dillon

Office Staff - Mrs Shipway and Miss Quick

Learning Mentor - Miss Widdowson

Nursery Class - Miss Agnew and Miss Harris 

Reception Class - Mrs Callaway, Miss McLean and Mrs Bradbury

Year 1- Mrs O'Neill, Mrs Riley and Miss Vasey

Year 2- Mrs Cummings and Miss Gilmurray 

Year 3- Miss Smalley, Mrs Marsden and Miss Allerston

Year 4- Miss Taylor and Mrs Hunter

Year 5- Mrs Gibson and Miss Bolland

Year 6 - Mr Hughes and Mrs Patten

Cedar - Miss Marshman and Miss Thomas

Oak - Miss Hedges and Miss Rimmer