Maths Quality Mark


Too often we allow ourselves to utter these words. We hear celebrities and famous faces saying how they couldn’t “do maths” at school.

At Holy Trinity, we want to change this opinion and give our children the knowledge and confidence to apply their mathematical knowledge in real life situations.

Maths is more than times tables: It is cooking, shopping, computing, mechanics, architecture and so much more.

Around school you will see the Maths Quality Mark Logo which indicates that we are striving to make maths fun and worthwhile. And the key is that EVERYBODY is involved.Every Friday, children will receive a recipe in which they can make delicious treats at home.

This is a fantastic opportunity to use maths in real life situations. Please feel free to send any
photographs of you either buying, baking or even eating the food and send them to:
[email protected] all photographs will then be available to view online.

Look out for more upcoming events and together we can give the children of Holy Trinity “Numeracy Skills for Life.”

Yours sincerely

Mr M. Hughes