Curriculum Come and See

Holy Trinity Religious Education Curriculum

The RE curriculum follows the recommended ‘Come and See’ Catholic Primary Religious Education Programme as prescribed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool and the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.
See the colour copy below of the programme overview (curriculum map) taken from the ‘Come and See’ handbook.
The first 3 Themes and Topics:

Domestic Church – family
Baptism/Confirmation – belonging
Advent/Christmas – loving
are covered during the autumn term
The next 3 Themes and Topics:

Local Church – community
Eucharist – relating
Lent/Easter- giving
are covered during the spring term
The final 3 Themes and Topics:

Pentecost – serving
Reconciliation – inter-relating
Universal Church – world
are covered during the summer term.
Additionally other religions are studied: one week on Judaism every year and a week each on Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism every third year.